Since it is Christmas Day and I am enjoying some family time, I wanted to take a little time out to spread some holiday cheer by providing the best Christmas advertisements I could find. The holidays are a time when people seem to smile a little more, taking time to even wish strangers a Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas.

Ads this time of year can be especially effective, tugging at the heartstrings to evoke an emotional response in an effort to connect with their product or service. Companies that seem to be really good at this aspect are jewelry stores.

Throwing in a touch of humor can also make the video more fun. The ladies in the next video are pretty good at dropping hints about what they would like for Christmas:

An advertisement that provides a twist from the typical story can also be a hit. We all know the star of the show this time of year is usually Santa Claus, but this video highlights Mrs. Claus’ adventures on Christmas Eve:

Telling a story, no matter how short or long an advertisement might be, is the key to winning over consumers. This is especially true in this day and age when with the popularity of mobile, short attention spans and the ability to skip most ads.

Aldi, a leading global discount supermarket, continued a Christmas advert that did very well last year. It is a story about an adorable carrot named Kevin that has exciting adventures:

Some of the best ads are the ones that bring you to tears. If the writers can inspire and empower with a positive uplifting theme, people will remember the brand. It doesn’t matter if the story focuses on their product because if it is good enough, viewers will take note.

Giving is such a big part of the season and especially when the story includes a cute little girl giving to someone in need:

As I researched the top Christmas ads, I found that many of the best were from other countries. I think it is interesting that you don’t need to speak their language to get the jest of the story.

Some provide translation in closed captions but again, when the story is written well it doesn’t require verbal communication. My all-time favorite Christmas advert is a story that is a tear jerker with a very happy ending:

If you have a Christmas ad that you think should have been included, please comment below. From all of us at S&S Pro Services, we hope you have a magical Holiday Season and an amazing New Year.

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